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Primitive Baptist Churches

Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church
Gadsden Primitive Baptist Church
Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church
Heritage Primitive Baptist Church
Covenant Primitive Baptist Church

Primitive Baptist Websites

Baptist Bible Hour
Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church
Primitive Baptist Web Station
The Old School Baptist Web Site


J. P. Boyce, Abstract of Systematic Theology.1887
J. P. Boyce, Three Changes in Theological Institutions.1856
C.D. Cole, The Bible Doctrine of Election

Baptist Confessions

New Hampshire Confession 1833/ rev. 1853
1644 London Confession 2nd ed. 1646
1689 London Confession

Baptist History

Baptist History Homepage
Calvary Independent Baptist Church - Baptist Books and Articles
J. H. Grime's History of Alien Immersion and Valid Baptism
W. A. Jarrel, Baptist Church Perpetuity, 1894 
John T. Christian, "Did They Dip?" 1896
Mark Dever, "Polity" .2001
Henry D'Anvers, Treatise of Baptism, 1675 (go to books)
J.M. Carroll, "The Trail of Blood" or "Following the Christians Down through the Centuries from the Days of Christ to the Present Time". 1931 PDF
Sovereign Grace Baptist Library
G. H. Orchard, Concise History of the Baptists, 1855/1973 
S. H. Ford, Origin of the Baptists, 1860.
Starr, Baptist Bibliography
Octavius Winslow writings
A Voice of Sovereign Grace
Book Distributors
Solid Ground Books
Baptist Standard Bearer
Backus Books
Other Great Sites
Providence Baptist Ministries

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